Take a look at some of the great features & benefits of The Amazing Sticky Yard
  • The Sticky Yard™ Digital Measuring System™
    is a "must have" new tool for every sign shop and graphics professional!
  • The Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System
    is unlike any other measuring tool on the market today!

It's AdhesiveIt will stick to glass, wood and a variety of other surfaces. It's removeable and reuseable.

It's MagneticIt will stick to vehicles and is suitable for use on almost all metal surfaces. DUAL USE... use it to hold your graphics to help you position them on a vehicle during installation AND it provides a stationary ruler.

It's FlexibleA tool needed for every sign shop! A lightweight, flexible measuring tool that conveniently conforms to contoured surfaces for accurate measuring. You can measure around the curve of a vehicle.

It's DurableThe adhesive version is constructed of durable Dupont Tyvek¨ and will not easily tear or deteriorate if exposed to moisture. Perfect for the marine environment. The magnetic version is constructed of durable 10 millameter magnetic material.

It's Amazing

  • Stick it on, take a picture and then take measurements directly from the photograph!
  • Measure your project using our software and your computer. Take measurements directly from the photograph.
  • No more lost measurements, you always have a reference in your photo.
  • No more forgotten measurements and second trips to the job site, you can always take more measurements from the photograph.
  • Email photos directly from the job site to the home office with your camera phone.
  • Wanna SAVE SOME GAS? You can save a trip to the job site by sending your clients a Sticky Yard™. Have them send you back photos of the project with the Sticky Yard™ in the photo. Don't drive, just stick it on!

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