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Sticky Yard Family of Products
  • The Sticky Yard product line has a package to suit your needs!
  • Choose from Single, Multi, or Combo Packs!
  • Keep several handy for multiple tasks!
Digital Measuring System


Digital Measuring System The Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System includes one Adhesive Sticky Yard, one Magnetic Sticky Yard, and the Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System Software.

Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System E1009 $69.95
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Magnetic Packs Constructed of high grade magnetic material, suitable for use on almost all metal surfaces.

Sticky Yard Magnetic 1-Pack E1003 $8.99
Sticky Yard Magnetic 2-Pack E1013 $17.99
Sticky Yard Magnetic 3-Pack E1004 $25.99
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Combo Packs Convenient combination package that includes both the Adhesive and Magnetic versions of the Sticky Yard.

Sticky Yard Combo 2-Pack E1011 $14.99
Sticky Yard Combo 3-Pack E1005 $21.99
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Adhesive Packs Constructed of durable, tear-resistant, water-resistant Dupont Tyvek with a reusable adhesive backing suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces.

Sticky Yard Adhesive 1-Pack E1001 $6.99
Sticky Yard Adhesive 2-Pack E1012 $13.99
Sticky Yard Adhesive 3-Pack E1002 $19.99
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