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Charlie White says.....I set out to take a variety of pictures to measure the accuracy of the Sticky Yard. Taking photos of known objects, such as an eight-foot doorway, some windows I knew the size of, and a garage door as well as an arbor in the yard, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sticky yard was remarkably accurate... [read more]


There's a variety of sophisticated laser measuring devices that cost an arm and leg— one we reported on not too long ago costs $450—or you can take a look at the Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System, a combination of software and hardware that makes it damn-fool easy at about a tenth of the price...[read more]

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PDN technical editor David Schloss writes...

Early on in the history of man, the ability to measure things was the domain of the monarch or a priest, and everyone else had to rely on arbitrary systems to ensure accuracy. That's how we got a "baker's dozen" after all. Nowadays... [read more]

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Emerge Industries Announces the Release of: The Amazing Sticky Yard Digital Photo Measuring System Version 2.0...[read more]

Emerge Industries Announces the Release of: The Amazing Sticky Meter™ Digital Measuring System... [read more]

The Amazing Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System is now Available for Web Sales...[read more]

The Amazing Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System received:
The Member Tested Seal of Approval and the Contractor’s Seal of Approval from Handy Magazine ...[read more]

Version 2.0 is now available!
2.0 has new important features: 1) the ability to save the measured photo in JPEG format and the 2)'Sticky Six' reference function.
JPEG save allows measurements to be easliy emailed and viewed by someone remotely and the 'Sticky Six' works when a Yard reference is too long.




For Immediate Release...

Sticky Yard Digital Photo Measuring System receives both The Handy Magazine Member Tested Seal of Approval and The Contractor's Seal of Approval.

Handy Magazine (3.8 million readers strong) recently selected a group of readers, contractors of all kinds, handymen and home improvement enthusiasts to test Sticky Yard at home with real applications. The Sticky Yard Digital Photo Measuring System passed with flying colors and is to be featured in the New Products / Member Tested Section of Handy Magazine’s Nov, 2007 issue. Read more...

Simple, easy to use Photo Measuring software and system that turns your digital camera and computer into an electronic tape measure!

  • Measure your project faster and easier than ever before with this revolutionary new measuring system!

  • A simple and convenient system to measure your project by just taking a digital photo!

  • An Easy-to-Use Software Application and Measuring Tool that turns your computer and camera into an electronic tape measure.

  • Eliminates the need to manually take measurements or make paper sketches! Just take a photo of your project!

  • No more forgotten measurements! You can always reference your photo and take additional measurements!

  • Take a real picture, including the measurements, of your project with you to the store instead of a paper and pencil sketch!

measure a house measure a vehicle measure large projects

Measure a house...

Measure a vehicle...

Measure large projects...

What our customers are saying about The Amazing Sticky Yard.....

"I am still very amazed at your digital measuring system. I use it everyday with great success. It is so wonderful to show up on a job and take a few pictures and spend the rest of the time selling the job and not measuring. I love it. Keep up the good work Eric!" ---
Jeff Rose, Sign Design Custom Graphics

"I wanted to let you know how happy we are with your Sticky Yard product! After I bought it I thought I would give it a try. I checked with a tape measure and the Sticky Yard software.... I am blown away, the Sticky Yard software was dead-nuts on! Perfect job guys! Keep the good stuff coming that helps us save time!----
Ken Hendrick, Hendrick Services

"We had to take measurements of 19 storefronts, and we did it in a single day. Using old methods it would have taken us a week! GRACIAS STICKY METER!"
Héctor Ibargüen, Solución Gráfica Digital S.A. de C.V

"It works wonderfully! I used to spend hours measuring vehicles with a tape measure and now it takes seconds. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful tool to the signmaking industry!----
Scott Tellep, PSP Vinyl Logos & Sign Designs

"Your product has been very useful for architectural field surveys. You have a great product that is easy to use!"---
Bob Curcio

"Your software is the greatest!", J&J Graphics

"Your Sticky Yard Digital Measuring System works like a dream. At 85 feet away, measuring 30feet wide it was in perfect sync with my old trusty tape measure. I have a new "Old Trusty" now. I wish you had made this available to the industry years ago"
Jeff R., Sign Design Custom Graphics
Vidor, Tx

"I now save at least an hour on every measuring job, thanks to the Amazing Sticky Yard! Using Siticky Yard and my digital camera, I don't have to hold a tape measure and take every measurement on paper. I just attach the Sticky Yard, step back and snap a photo. That's it. Back at my computer with a few mouse clicks I get every measurement I need"
Tammy Arndt, West Bend Sign Shop
West Bend, Indiana

"I measured a truck at eleven o'clock at night with no customer in sight. Measuring time: two minutes"
Phill, Northern Design
Shoreline, WA

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